Louisville: Walk MS 2013: MIZ BUSTERS – National MS Society

Louisville: Walk MS 2013: MIZ BUSTERS – National MS Society.


Cognitive Deficits in MS

I recently reviewed a presentation on memory and cognitive problems in MS. The whole presentation can be summed up in this information from the last two slides. ūüôā

Possible Deficits 

l       Decreased attention, perception and/or memory

l       Inflexibility, impulsivity, disordered thinking and/or acting

l       Inefficient processing of information

l       Decreased problem solving and judgment

l       Inappropriate actions or unconventional social behavior

l       Decreased executive function

l       Decreased processing of abstract information  

Cognitive Deficits     Image       Intellectual Deficits

Life Changing

This summer I spent a week at a Women’s Retreat at Toth Ranch in Hot Sulphur Springs, CO. My time spent there was life altering – seriously. I went there with little expectations and a bit of anxiety. God revealed himself to me in ways I have never experienced. How could I ever be the same? The primary message He was giving to me was how very passionately He loves me (and you). How He desires an “intimate” relationship with His creation. Although I had heard that statement a million times, it never fully sank in what it truly means to have a REAL relationship with Him. I could never get the hang of really feeling His presence or remembering to talk to Him throughout my day for any extended period of time. Now I cannot imagine a day without Him. He is my ultimate best friend, the true lover of my soul that will never let me down, the One that knows me entirely and adores me just the same. My cup runneth over with Him who fills me up.

Holy Spirit, Come

Fire and Dove

I love this symbol for the Holy Spirit. A dove AND a fire. God is peace and an all-consuming passionate fire! God is so good. Earlier this week I was having a hard time focusing at work. Just a few minutes before I put a name to my anxiety (lack of focus), I got a twitter update about an article on FOCUSING on GOD. I clicked on the link and sure enough it was a devotional on focusing on God and how a lack of focus causes irritations and anxiety. BUT the devotional was written and posted back in June! And when I went to twitter, the link was not there! Praise God, He works through modern technology too! I am so in love with Him.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

I am more than just a pretty face

Sometimes even that is not too pretty

But I am always so much more

God has given me a huge heart for people

I care deeply & loyally for those around me

I am fairly intelligent ‚Äď

Especially when MS is not challenging me

I am a child of God

Maybe He has blessed me with external beauty

But charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting

The things you see in me

are only skin deep

and they will soon be gone

I pray that I am always more than this

That my focus will be on God  improving me inside

and that you will see Christ in me