Life Changing

This summer I spent a week at a Women’s Retreat at Toth Ranch in Hot Sulphur Springs, CO. My time spent there was life altering – seriously. I went there with little expectations and a bit of anxiety. God revealed himself to me in ways I have never experienced. How could I ever be the same? The primary message He was giving to me was how very passionately He loves me (and you). How He desires an “intimate” relationship with His creation. Although I had heard that statement a million times, it never fully sank in what it truly means to have a REAL relationship with Him. I could never get the hang of really feeling His presence or remembering to talk to Him throughout my day for any extended period of time. Now I cannot imagine a day without Him. He is my ultimate best friend, the true lover of my soul that will never let me down, the One that knows me entirely and adores me just the same. My cup runneth over with Him who fills me up.


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