Maybe I should be more positive about a cure

Okay, I really do think I am a pretty optimistic person…a realist but largely optimistic. However, I have not been optimistic about there being a cure for MS in the near future.  I may have to change my outlook on that according to these links. That is the beauty of the human mind, with education we can change our thoughts on things. This may be shifting my thoughts on this. Check it out…

ABC News correspondent Dr. Richard Besser and reporter Lara Salahi, did features on the encouraging state of MS research and treatment that ran January 5th on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer (5.9 million viewers) and, respectively. The TV segment, which was sent out over the ABC news feed to affiliates, was used by local stations across the country during succeeding days. Cities included Colorado Springs, Denver, Tampa Bay, Evansville, Idaho Falls, Shreveport, Springfield (MA), Greenville, and Milwaukee


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