Identifying a relapse

I think one of the most difficult things to do in living with MS is knowing when you are having a relapse and when its just symptom flare ups. In my experience, the days are truly up and down. Some days I feel more MS symptoms than others. It is when they are more painful and last longer that I begin to question the “norm”. Add to that when I experience a new symptom that has never plagued me before. Yesterday I noticed everything going haywire. That is the only way I can describe it. Pain in my legs has been increasing for a few days and last week my arm joined the pain group. Yesterday it was nearly unbearable to sit because my thighs and butt cheeks felt like they were on FIRE. In addition, there were multiple nerve “tweaks” – a crawling pain from my back to left shoulder that I have not had in months and the occasional electrical zap in the left side of my face. Of course, my dear companion fatigue has kicked it up a notch too. I think I will wait it out another day or so and see if I can rest more if that will help at all before calling my neuro…again.


One response to “Identifying a relapse

  1. So good to know that I’m not alone in not knowing if and when I am experiencing a flare. My neuro said, “You’ll know”. Well, apparently I didn’t. When I went in for a check up, I mentioned some old symptoms that had seemed worse. He had another MRI done and promtly put me on steriods and off my Avonex. He then sent me to an MS specialist to begin Tysabri.
    You have a nice site! Thanks!

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